Victorian Studies at Indiana University

Founded in the 1950s, our Victorian Studies Program was among the United States’ first interdisciplinary programs in the humanities. We focus on the literature, culture, and society of Great Britain and the British world in the long nineteenth-century. We provide a minor for graduate students in any discipline, and offer courses from a range of departments and programs throughout the College of Arts and Sciences.

We publish a leading interdisciplinary journal of the humanities, Victorian Studies, which is edited by faculty and graduate students at IU. Victorian Studies features essays, forums, and reviews on literature, social and political history, philosophy, fine arts, science, economics, and law.

IU’s Victorian Studies Program is also closely tied with the North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA), which was founded in Bloomington in 2002. Our program hosted the inaugural NAVSA conference in 2003, and many IU faculty and graduate students participate each year in the Association’s conferences. Victorian Studies is the partnered journal of the organization.